Award-Winning, Best Selling Books

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First, pick up my Indie Author Legacy Award Winner for Best Memoir! This is the bestselling tale of redemption that started it all. I'm Not There Anymore is a testament to how we can reach our dreams regardless of our past mistakes and missteps. Writing this book helped me to put my purpose in clear perspective, and it serves as a blueprint to help people power through mistakes, setbacks and failure. It has changed my life, and I bring the same passion and insight from my book to the stage! Click the link below to order your copy today!!

Then, make sure you pick up my journal inspired bestselling super book, You Are That One Thing. These powerful affirmations have helped me to solidify my passions and now they will help you to live each and every day to the absolute FULLEST and tap into your own power and strength! This book comes complete with note sections to journal your own ideas and insight for each affirmation. Click the link below to order your copy today!

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